The Internet offers a wealth of information that renters can gain access to. It can be hard to discern which properties are run by professional companies and landlords versus landlords with a casual outlook on property management. All too often, potential tenants looking at Pensacola rentals discover that not everything is as it seems after signing a lease. What if there was a way to avoid the impending disappointment of renting the wrong home?

Fortunately, with the help of Main Street Properties, it is easy to avoid the pitfalls of renting on Craigslist or through hidden newspaper classifieds. Here’s how Main Street Property Management makes things easier for potential tenants:

Repair Requests Are Handled Professionally

When a tenant is interested in renting a property, it’s important that a management company or a landlord is present to handle any repair requests. Whether a minor maintenance issue or an emergency, someone should be around to take care of the problem in a timely manner. Main Street acts as an intermediary between the owner of the rental property and the tenant. A tenant is able to submit a request online for repairs to be made, and the management company is able to dispatch a contractor. During the entire ordeal, the property owner is also kept up-to-date.

Professional And Thorough Background Checks

Just as it is important for landlords to know that upstanding citizens are renting their homes, tenants can feel at ease that all people must pass background checks before getting approved for a rental. By verifying employment, credit history, rental history, and sexual predator databases, only tenants that pass the background checks are allowed to sign a lease. This offers a peace of mind to tenants that properties were indeed well cared-for and located in desirable neighborhoods.

Easy Online Communication

Most everything people do is online, so why not make it easier to keep in touch with management? Main Street Properties has an online portal for both owners and residents that make communication easier. As a tenant, for example, making monthly rent payments or requesting maintenance are made easy through the online portal. There’s no need to play “phone tag” with management to get requests handled.

Beautifully Maintained Properties

More often than not, prospective tenants get drawn in by high quality pictures, only to find that the actual properties in question fall extremely short of expectations. Main Street Property Management only lists Pensacola rentals that meet quality guidelines. All residential properties are taken care of and in good standing condition. Most importantly, the properties are clean!

Tenants on the hunt for new rentals don’t always have an easy time weeding through the bad listings. Many management teams only look at the bottom line and skip out on making repairs and screening all tenants as well as landlords. Fortunately, Main Street Properties brings the best of both worlds together to create an amicable mutual relationship between landlord and tenant. Ranging from the easy portals and request forms to the friendly service, both parties are sure to be satisfied.