How Drug Rehab Halfway house Helps Homeless women Reclaim their Lives

The Napa Valley in California is the premier wine producing region in California. When you envision the Napa Valley you probably picture manicured vines swaying in the warmth of the Pacific Sun. What you may not imagine are hundreds of homeless individuals living in park and alleys, some of whom desperately require alcohol and drugs rehab Renew Wellness Recovery.

Community Action Napa Valley reports that if you take a closer look at Napa City, the center of Napa County and its prosperous economy, you can find more than 350 homeless. Nearly 50% of the homeless are women. Many are victims of addiction to alcohol or drugs. The local alcohol and drugs rehab programs are available. However, the question still remains, if they successfully complete their drug rehab, what will happen to them? Many people may end up on the streets.

Nonita Mendez created New Life Outreach while she was trying to recover from her addiction. While she never experienced homelessness, she recognized the need for temporary housing for those trying to recover from addictions.

Jamie Jackson’s 28 years old success is typical of New Life Outreach. Jamie Jackson was formerly addicted to alcohol, drugs and homeless. He spent 3 years on the streets in Napa with others. She was high on drug and told friends that she was going to drug rehab. Then one day, a friend pulled her into the van of his car and drove her to a hospital. There she was admitted for a 90-day program.

When she spoke to The Register about her experience in a drug rehabilitation program, Jackson said: “I would become more and more focused every day.” Jackson told the Register that she was able to see her options a week prior to graduation. She had no choice but to head back out on to the streets. A fax was sent to her counselor describing New Life Outreach.

Jackson found work at the halfway-house and after 3 months, he has established a stable career. He is now a certified nurse assistant. New Life Outreach provides a safe place for Jackson while she stays away from drugs and alcohol.

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